If your Arabic text is missing a “tashdid" or a “hamzeh” or is for some reason absent a subjunctive word or a coordinator, it could simply be that the translator inadvertently overlooked it. Thus, despite the fact that the translator must proofread his or her work, a second assessment is obtained in order to spot any weakness in the translated text. If any such point is found, it will be corrected immediately.

We at ReoRex don't rely on merely one linguit to ensure the integrity of a translation or manuscript. After all, quality is as important to us as it is to you, the client. So, in order to provide a better, more precisely crafted text--one that's free of misspellings and weak, confusing punctuation--we submit the work to one of our professional proofreaders.

Our professional proofreaders (who are also translators) can help with any proofreading projects you may have. Whether it's Farsi translation of a business proposal for the establishment of a franchise in Iran or the offering of medical assistance in Kurdish to those who've been heavily affected by the onslaught of ISIS, we strive to ensure absolute clarity in every word we produce.

The confidentiality of your projects and documents is of outmost importance to us. We assure complete confidentiality through the management of strict policies against unwarranted disclosure. So, with ReoRex you'll have a partner you can trust. We'll be your intermediary for the ever-widening world of commerce, industry, science, culture and academia.