Hebrew is the primary official language of the State of Israel. As of 2013, there were approximately 9 million Hebrew speakers worldwide. 

Israel has an advanced market economy with a thriving high­technology sector that attracts considerable foreign investment. Additionally, recent discovery of large offshore natural gas deposits has opened more doors for international businesses. Israel’s openness to global commerce is an important factor in promoting innovation and productivity. The economy, which benefits from an increasingly diversified productive base and ongoing structural reforms, has grown nearly 4% annually over the past five years. The constantly increasing growth of Israel’s economy has made it an excellent location for foreign investment; a place where international businesses will thrive.

The medical industry is a significant player in Israel, having led to the expansion of medical tourism and consequently the demand for translation of medical documents. Additionally, the growing economy has resulted in the trade of a vast array of products for which market introductions are required. The expert linguists at Farsi Global can provide the level of translation quality needed to distinguish those products from among their competitors. We'll work for you, and with you, to ensure success in your target market.

Translation into and from Hebrew language will also be instrumental in addressing the needs of Jewish society due to the vast dispersion of the Jewish population and the huge wave of immigration as a result of political conflicts. Therefore, we along with our team of native translators will do everything in our power to provide the most reliable translation to meet the needs of the Hebrew diaspora, businesses trading internationally, and the public sector.