Dari or Afghan Persian (Farsi), also called Eastern Persian, is the variety of the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan. Dari is the term officially recognized and promoted since 1964 by the Afghan government as being synonymous with Afghan Persian. Thus, Western sources often refer to it as Afghan Farsi.

As defined in the Constitution of Afghanistan, Dari is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. The other is Pashto. The most widely spoken language in Afghanistan, Dari is the native language for 25% to 50% of the population, consequently serving as the country's lingua franca. The Iranian and Afghan forms of Persian are mutually intelligible, differing primarily in regard to vocabulary and phonology.

Approximately 2.5 million Afghans can be found in Iran and Pakistan, with those countries being part of the wider Afghan diaspora. These people also employ Dari as a main language. 

The Dari language, more than most, requires precision and a deep understanding of its nuance in translation. Dari translation services for government agencies have become a significant issue for any organization connecting with state or non-state agencies in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is growing rapidly--it's becoming part of the world community--so the quality of the Dari language presented in translations is critically important for the establishment of relationships with the Afghan government and its agencies.

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