Clinical and pharmaceutical

The translation of texts and other materials from the life-science sector encompasses widely divergent areas: regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software, training curriculum for the pharmaceutical or healthcare fields, and so forth. Thus, many countries have stated that the literature and labeling of medical devices or pharmaceutical systems be translated into their national languages. Additionally, clinical-trial documentation must be translated in order for it to be read and understood by local clinicians, patients and regulatory representatives. These texts contain highly specialized terminology and technical terms that, of course, have a direct bearing on health, safety and quality of life (QoL). Thus the sensitivity of medical texts necessitates linguistic competence, technical proficiency and the most current knowledge of the field and its developments.

Technical and medical devices

Medical technology evolves constantly, as researchers, institutions and corporations around the globe contribute their developments in the battle against damaging diseases and life-diminishing conditions. Therefore, regulations within the industry advance at the same rate. This increases the demand for labeling translation more than before. Our professional life-science translators are able to translate even the most sophisticated medical texts and terminologies. Moreover, with their combined professional acumen and linguistic fluency, you'll have the assurance of accuracy, comprehensiveness and readability for every document. From product documentation to journal articles, GEtTrans is the name to trust.

Steps in the translation of life-science materials

Because medical translation involves multiple steps, each project is managed and completed by a dedicated team. This ensure consistency throughout each text and for subsequent assignments. The steps in this process are clearly defined:

Extraction of text from source format

Translation: The source text is converted to the target language text.

Editing: Reading and revision are performed by a separate linguist to ensure consistent terminology, style and representation. Desktop publishing: The translation is returned to the original format (e.g., PDF, Word, web page, e-learning)

Proofreading: To ensure that the formatted translation is of proper punctuation, has no corrupted text, and line and page breaks are correct.

In-country review: A native-speaking, expert linguist reviews the translation to ensure that it meets all specifications of product or application.

Farsi Global serves companies throughout the field of healthcare and medical technology:

  • Biomedicine companies
  • Biotechnology firms
  • Clinical research organizations (CROs)
  • Health economics groups
  • Healthcare groups
  • Healthcare marketing companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Regulatory consulting groups

Types of medical documents:

Medical documentation encompasses research and development, manufacturing and marketing, as exemplified by the following list:
  • Patents
  • Registration dossiers
  • Study protocols
  • Websites (professional/consumer)
  • Scientific articles
  • CMC documentation
  • IRB/ethics committee submissions
  • Software and hardware
  • Lab reports
  • Labels and package inserts
  • Clinical trial agreements (CTAs)
  • Promotional materials
  • Validation reports
  • Instructions for use (IFUs)
  • Investigator brochures
  • Marketing collateral
  • PMDA audit support (Japan)
  • Case report forms (CRFs)
  • E-learning
  • IND and NDA documentation for EMEA
  • Site operations manuals
  • Multimedia
  • GMP documentation
  • SFDA (China)
  • Institutional contracts
  • Sales training
  • SOPs
  • Declarations of conformity
  • IVRS prompts
  • Patient education (CMI and PHI)
  • Batch records and MBRs
  • Adverse-event report forms
  • Adverse-event reports (SAEs)
  • Deviation reports
  • Pharmacovigilance and post-marketing surveillance
  • Informed consent forms (ICFs)
  • Data sheets
  • Patient recruitment materials
  • Validation reports
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PROs)
  • QMS audit documentation
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Patient diaries

Your partner in medical documentation and communications

Farsi Global is actively involved with the medical field as a trusted language service provider. You can be confident in the effort we'll make on your behalf.